48 year old Josua has a diploma in welding and fabrication and 29 year old Eremasi is a carpenter by experience. The 2 gentlemen were inspired after attending Habitat Fiji’s WaSH training and are now using their combined skills to improve existing pit toilets in their village of Nativi. By creating ventilation and adding cement foundations these basic latrines have become much more hygienic and pleasant to use.

After seeing a pit latrine poster during Habitat Fiji’s WaSH engagement, the two began designing their plans to create a ventilated pit latrine prototype. By the second day of the engagement, Josua and Eremasi created their first precast flooring slab.

The duo have made a commitment to upgrade all pit toilets in Nativi village. They are now looking to the villagers to fund-raise and purchase the needed materials.

Their example shows that with the right kind of training and access to information, communities can get creative with their combined experience and skills to improve their WaSH situation.

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